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Canadian Association of World War II Veterans from Soviet Union

Bank name: CIBC
Bank code: CIBC010
Branch and transit: 06312
Account #: 2352311
Branch address: 800 STEELES AVE. WEST, THORNHILL ON L4J 7L2

Support our initiative and desire to pay tribute to heroes who had fallen and stayed alive in World War II. Donate today!

We rely on individual donations from people just like you to organize and make the celebration happen. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discovery or PayPal transfer options are available. All funds are being transferred to Canadian Association of World War 2 Veterans from Soviet Union.

You can also send a wire transfer to bank account that is displayed on this page.

For other ways on how you can financially support us, please contact organizing committee. If you are willing to become a sponsor, click here.

If you would like to receive a tax receipt for your transaction, contact us.

Already made contributions:

  • Leonid Lapp & Elena Lapp-Kostrov
  • Olga Sviderskaya & Sergey Sviderskiy
  • Liliya Turchik
  • Alexey Shishkovskiy
  • Alister Haddad
  • Olga Rzjanin
  • Eugene Belenkov
  • Oleg Smirnov
  • Azaliya Safiullina
  • RH Psychology Center
  • Marina Verpakhovskaia
  • Novel Food Sciences
  • Katerina Simonova
  • Ruslan Dercacel
  • Karl Czarnecki
  • Maxim Belomestnov
  • Ilya Pevzner
  • Nonna Zaretskaia
  • Olena Martyanova
  • Andrey Korikov
  • Ekaterina Polzun
  • Sergey Sklyarov
  • ACfurnaceGTA Corp
  • Viktoriya Coltellaro
  • Yevgeniy Gospodinov
  • Alexander Kravchuk
  • Nataliya Milikhina
  • Natalia Erchova
  • Nikolay Klyshkin
  • Alexander Klyuev
  • Isai Nakhimov
  • Alena Ivanova
  • Alexei Prus
  • Anton Azanov
  • Natalia Shevcun
  • Tatiana Baeva
  • Denys Kutsenko
  • Valeriy Yudin
  • Iouri Samodai
  • Igor Agranovski
  • Alexandr Kondrachov
  • Vitalii Shalaiev
  • Andrey D.
  • Sergey Totrov
  • Ilona Bagirova
  • Аleksei Markunas
  • Tamara Sergeyeva
  • Evgeny Krasovsky
  • Vadim Elesin
  • Dmytro Bobylyov
Victory Day in Toronto

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